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Introduction of Boan

Beijing Boan Science and Technology Consulting Company (Abbr. Boan) is a focuses on the popularization of nutrition and health products, researches, information, education and communication. Our company providesknowledge, technology services and intermediary services including registration, declaration, and approval, etc., information consulting services, exhibition services, and professional training the staffs engaging in nutrition and food industry. Boan is dedicated to build Bridges bridges or platform between enterprises/companies and institutes, the departments of relevant government, and the related society/association, help enterprises/companies to realize technological progress and product updates, enhance their competitiveness and help them to get sustainable development.

Based on the concept and attitude of honest and pragmatic cooperation, Boan fully understands and respects the needs of enterprises/companies and provides practical and feasible customized services for requesting client. Boan has a working group and cooperative partners engagedcompetitive expertise in the formulation and registration of infant and young children formula, special medical use foods, and registration of novel foods, food additives, and health/function food. Boan can provide one-stop services for the companies or enterprises to conduct new product R&D, market research and investigation, registration services, technology transfer and advisory services, technical training and technical knowledge update for employees and developers; provide technical consultation/evaluation and service for foreign high-quality products entering the Chinese market from abroad.